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   The Seabrook Association is a group of dedicated Seabrook residents, business owners, boaters, fishermen, and friends of Seabrook who have joined together to organize, develop and implement programs and projects contributing to the betterment of Seabrook as the place to live, do business, relax, and enjoy life. This group of dedicated members has proudly donated countless volunteer hours  and hundreds of thousands of dollars towards numerous community projects, groups, and causes throughout the Bay Area over the past 25 years.

                                                                      The Seabrook Association Today

The recent expansion of Bayport resulted in the sale of the Cameron Amphitheater and fairgrounds. The combined issues of no longer having a venue and several years of rainouts have caused the members of the organization to look for new ways to bring the community together for fun-filled activities in an appropriate venue that is more weather-permitting. As development continues at a dramatic pace in the Clear Lake area and the population grows, the Association is striving to find ways to maintain the ambiance of a small-town atmosphere, one where residents mingle and gather together to socialize and enjoy this place we call home.  Membership is open to residents of other communities as well.

You are invited to come to any meeting and see what it's all about. It is a great way to network, meet new people and gain personal fulfillment by truly "making your community a better place to live, work and play!"

    The Early Years

The Seabrook Association was formed in 1980 after several prominent Seabrook residents, decided to create an organization which would bring more cohesiveness between local businesses, real estate, recreational interests and the fishing industries.

After a year, Mayor Joe Pirtle was searching for a way to promote Seabrook and attract people to the area. It was decided to hold an event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the incorporation of the City of Seabrook. Subsequently, the first event known as the Seabrook Celebration was held on October 17, 1981 as a joint venture between the city and the Seabrook Association.

During the late '80s, a magazine was also created known as A Day at the Bay, a 50 to 70 page program which featured numerous articles of interest about the flavorful history of the area, its residents, businesses and details of the upcoming events.

Beautification of the city and waterways has always been another primary focus of the Association. The organization has purchased Christmas decorations, flags, plants, and flowers on several occasions to make the seaside village have a welcoming appearance. Numerous clean up efforts have also been supported, both through volunteer services and donations.

Members of the association were always looking for the next fun project. Over the years, they have hosted huge Easter Egg Hunts, Fishing Tournaments, Golf Tournaments, the Boot-Scootin’ Country & Western Dance, and a Valentine’s & Volunteers Celebration. During the 1990s, music became a more dominating event during the festivities. It was also during this time that the name of the major event changed from the Seabrook Celebration to the Seabrook Music Festival.

                                                                          The Seabrook Music Festival

As the crowds for the Seabrook Music Festival grew, so did the profits and the little community association with its humble beginnings was able to make even greater contributions to the community. One of the organization's proudest projects was the construction of a $50,000 pavilion at Meador Park.


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